At RDH Architecture and Interior Design, we lead the forefront in the United States with our exclusive 3D laser scanning services for commercial architecture and interior design. Our efficient, cutting-edge technology combined with our experienced team ensures quick turnaround times, dependability, and accuracy without compromising on quality.

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment not found elsewhere in the country, we provide unmatched precision and efficiency, surpassing traditional surveying methods. With decades of collective experience spanning architecture, interior design, engineering, and construction, our primary focus lies in delivering unparalleled accuracy, promptness, and cost-effectiveness.

Our advanced 3D laser scanning technology generates versatile datasets invaluable for analysis and diverse applications in architectural and construction projects. By harnessing this innovative technology, we empower precise planning and execution, facilitating complex renovations and new constructions with unparalleled precision and detail.


Our efficient, cutting-edge technology and experienced team guarantees quick turnaround times, DEPENDABILITY, AND ACCURACY without compromising on quality.



At RDH Architecture and Interior Design, we excel in providing unmatched expertise and fostering collaborative relationships with our clients. Our focus is dedicated to transforming their visions into tangible realities, with a keen emphasis on the intricate details of interior design.

Specializing in hospitality-centric commercial ventures—including opulent resorts, boutique hotels, vibrant casinos, custom retail environments, lively nightlife destinations, and inviting dining establishments—we draw from extensive experience in hospitality design, project master planning, and architectural innovation. Our meticulous attention to interior design nuances ensures that every project we undertake enhances user experiences and leaves a lasting impression.


We specialize in delivering unparalleled expertise and adopting a collaborative approach with our clients. We dedicate our full attention and expertise to translating our clients' visions into reality, focusing particularly on architecture and interior design for hospitality-centric commercial ventures such as luxury resorts, hotels, casinos, bespoke retail spaces, nightlife venues, bars, and restaurants. Drawing from a wealth of experience spanning hospitality design, project master planning, and architectural innovation, we craft projects that elevate user experiences, leaving lasting impressions through meticulous attention to architectural nuances.


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