Ashley Perdue, based in Las Vegas, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role at RDH. Armed with a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Ashley has spent a decade honing her craft within the company, progressing from Interior Designer to Senior Interior Designer. Throughout her tenure, she has achieved significant milestones, including the successful management of numerous hospitality projects and the leadership of RDH's Interior Design department. Ashley's forte lies in Hospitality Design, where her strengths truly shine, enabling her to deliver exceptional results time and again.

In her career journey, Ashley is driven by both short-term and long-term goals. In the immediate future, she is committed to dedicating more time to mentoring and guiding the Interior Design team, with a focus on enhancing their capabilities and elevating the overall performance of RDH. Looking further ahead, Ashley envisions herself as a seasoned leader within the industry, imparting her wealth of knowledge and skills to the emerging generation of designers.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Ashley finds fulfillment in various personal interests and hobbies. She enjoys exploring the great outdoors through hiking, cherishes moments spent with loved ones, and finds inspiration in discovering new designs within the realms of restaurants and hotels. Guided by her core values of teamwork and positivity, Ashley believes in fostering collaborative environments where every individual's contributions are valued, ultimately leading to collective success and fulfillment.

Reflecting on her portfolio of projects, Ashley finds particular satisfaction in working on restaurant designs, relishing the opportunity to unleash her creativity and versatility. However, she acknowledges the challenges posed by complex endeavors such as large-scale Casino projects, where meticulous coordination and communication are paramount. One of her proudest achievements remains a restaurant project in Dallas, where she had the freedom to infuse her designs with unique and captivating elements, capturing the essence of the space and exceeding client expectations.

Ashley's integral role within the RDH team is underscored by her innate leadership qualities and unwavering dedication to excellence. Clients value her meticulous attention to detail and her ability to translate their visions into tangible realities, ensuring that every project she undertakes leaves a lasting impression. With Ashley Perdue at the forefront, RDH continues to push boundaries, delivering innovative and exceptional design solutions that redefine the hospitality landscape.


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