With over 35 years of experience in the hospitality industry, specializing in interior design, Dan Doran holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design and boasts a rich portfolio spanning the globe. From theme parks to casinos, hotels to resorts, Dan's expertise showcases versatility and creativity. Having contributed to six establishments along the renowned Las Vegas Strip and undertaken projects in various international locations such as South Korea, Macau, Philippines, Argentina, Spain, and South Africa, 

Dan's key skills include adept project management, onsite coordination, and unique problem-solving abilities ensuring projects remain on schedule and within budget. In the short term, Dan aims to continue delivering exceptional design solutions while fostering collaborative relationships within the industry. Long-term, he envisions leveraging his expertise to mentor emerging talent and innovate further in hospitality design. Outside of work, Dan finds joy in photography and travel, enriching his creative perspective and fueling inspiration. His professional ethos emphasizes collaboration and adaptability, valuing diverse perspectives and flexibility in the face of challenges. Colleagues commend his ability to navigate complex projects while maintaining a keen eye for detail and dedication to excellence. Dan's knack for effective collaboration with individuals from diverse backgrounds distinguishes him, fostering environments where innovation thrives. His favorite projects revolve around resorts, including notable highlights such as The Cromwell Hotel in Las Vegas and Caesars in South Africa, with the most challenging project involving overcoming logistical hurdles to deliver a complex resort in a remote location successfully. 

Dan's dream project involves creating a sustainable, immersive resort experience blending seamlessly with its natural surroundings, epitomizing innovative design and eco-conscious principles. Dan Doran's extensive experience, creative vision, and commitment to excellence establish him as a formidable force in hospitality design, shaping memorable experiences for guests worldwide through collaboration and innovation.



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